Oracle Berkeley DB


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Oracle Berkeley DB is a scalable, transactional database that can be used with any application. Fast, easy, and secure, Oracle Berkeley DB is open-source, multiplatform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.).

It offers superior performance to eliminate the usual expenses from client-server communication and SQL processing. It integrates perfectly with applications, is invisible to users, and doesn't require administration: it's a library that links directly to the application.

Other interesting features of Oracle Berkeley DB are the following:
- Support of multiprocessing and multiple threads per process; distributed transactions, replication, and hot and cold backup
- Sequential and indexed data recovery
- AES algorithm data encryption
- The maximum size of the register is 4GB and 256 TB for tables
- Compatible with the following programming languages: Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, TCL, C , and C.
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